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Infinite Longbox 164


Old Man Logan Secret Wars



Hosted by:

Charlie West, Jess Hall, Jordan Phegley & Steven Radocchia

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We are just four friends who love to hang out and talk about the things we love- comics, games, tv and whatever crazy ideas pop into our heads. One of those crazy ideas was that we should start our own podcast. We wanted a place where we could talk in depth and share our opinions about everything we love, what we are watching, reading, and playing. Hope you enjoy the show.

Charlie West (aka Orgoth) regrets NOTHING, ever! He loves what he does and does what he loves. His favorite things are his family and talking about comics, games, and tv. NUFF SAID!

Jess Hall is a man out of time, a lover of all things Pulp and Retro Sci-Fi. Husband, Father, Video Game Connoisseur, World Renown Snackologist…and destined to wear the jeweled Crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow.

Lover of all things comics, father to a son and chihuahua, proof of bigfoot's existence.

Steven Radocchia here the biggest little kid you know, he loves lol and swtor, keeps up on the New 52 and tries to read and review the comic books that you all loath and love